Located just a short 10-minute drive from Kanata, Richmond has roots as a military settlement dating back to 1818. The small rural community eventually amalgamated to become a part of the City of Ottawa in 2001, which is how it remains today. It’s deep military roots can be observed all over the town with various plaques and monuments documenting the diverse military history of the town that give it so much charm. In previous years, some have said that the community failed to thrive because of it’s proximity to the Rideau Canal and major transportation hubs, but that has all changed drastically in recent years.

In recent years, this previously quaint, rural community has seen a boom in housing development and interest among buyers from Ottawa. It’s become a popular option for those looking at buying a house outside of Ottawa. With it’s country charm, close proximity to highway 416, great schools, amenities such as doctors, dentists, grocery and more, this growing community has steadily seen increases in home value over the last few years. The town also brings in several tourists each year with the highly anticipated and successful Richmond Fair. This fair brings in thousands of people who come into town and even camp out to see big names at the concert, watch the demo derby, or enjoy other activities synonymous with a fall fair.

The demographic is Richmond is shifting, allowing for young families and first-time buyers to set down roots. With it’s proximity to Ottawa and endless, growing amenities, we’re sure we’ll see many more people looking to buy a house in Richmond over the next few years. Because the community isn’t quite saturated in population yet, there is still plenty of room to grow and breath. The homes here are set a comfortable distance apart, farmers fields are but a mere 10 minute drive in any direction, and you can enjoy the charms of country living with all the conveniences of the city in one place.

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What We Like About Richmond

Richmond is a unique village in that is offers a strong feeling of community and togetherness. There is an evident mix of people in the community ranging from white collar work like banking, government, and tech, but also many blue collar workers involved in local farms and trades.

Richmond also offers a variety of recreational activities including parks, a conservation area, and close proximity to a golf course, Richmond Centennial Golf Course. There are also a couple of restaurant pubs that are enjoyed by locals and a number of community organizations that organize and host events for the community.

One of the village’s biggest draws is it’s housing. With beautiful options available for large and small families in various price ranges, there is something for everyone here. Whether it’s an older home with acreage surrounded by farm fields, or a modern townhouse not far from the charms of the country. Richmond is becoming a distinctive, multi-generational community that is continuously evolving at a steady pace,

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