Straddling the Ottawa river with an island in-between, Manotick has earned a reputation in Ottawa as one of the most desirable areas to live in. When you visit, it’s not hard to understand why. Manotick has a rich history dating back to the 1830’s when it was originally settled. By the 1850’s, the area had access to a post office, train stations, and was slowly growing into a much larger community. One of the primary first industries that entered the area was a mill constructed in 1860 by the Dickinson family, later purchased in 1946 by the Watson family and re-named Watson’s Mill which still stands today as a major historic monument in the town.

The town is located just south of Barrhaven, but about 20 minutes from Ottawa’s downtown core. Major roadways in the area include Mitch Owens Road, Prince of Whales Drive, and Limebank Road, which will all connect to Barrhaven and the rest of Ottawa. With no access to OC Transpo (transit services), residents here primarily rely on cars, bicycles, and walking for transportation.

The homes in this area range depending on where you are. In the main “downtown” core of Manotick, you’re likely to come across a few heritage homes or century homes built 100+ years ago alongside businesses in buildings of the same stature and age. In the surrounding neighbourhoods along beautiful streets, you’ll likely find mid-century homes that boast large lots, some waterfront, and beautiful curb appeal. Some of the area’s larger homes can be found directly on the banks of the Rideau River on large, 1-2 acre lots. Most of these estate homes are custom builds and are considered desirable, elite residences.

You’re unlikely to find too many new construction homes in the area due to the resident’s strong desire to preserve the heritage of the community. Some custom in-fill homes are definitely available, however there are no new suburban developments. Many years ago, Minto tried to develop in the community for 1400 homes as a part of their Mahogony community. Their proposal was rejected by the community and development did not move forward.

The “downtown” portion of Manotick boasts great amenities including some amazing restaurants and local businesses that attract people from all over Ottawa. The outskirts of the area features primarily farmland and local producers, including major employer SunTech Greenhouses which sits on a 90 acre plot and uses hydroponic systems to grow vegetables all year long to be distributed locally.

Typical Homes:

What We Like About Manotick

Part of Manotick’s undeniable charm is it’s beautiful surroundings. Settled on the banks of the Rideau River, Manotick boasts proximity to waterfront like no other neighbourhood in Ottawa. Charming heritage homes line the main strips and lovely communities of modern mid-century homes can be found in the surrounding areas. An island sits in the middle of the area and offers property on mature streets full of lush trees, manicured lawns, and gorgeous houses.

The community in this neighbourhood has an astounding reputation and pride. People who live in this area truly are proud of their roots, and are proud to call this area home. Many people here are heavily involved in community events, arts, local recreation, sports, and more. A true sense of togetherness is evident here and there is a strong and on-going support of local business.

This neighbourhood also boasts great amenities for all to enjoy. Fantastic restaurants, grocery stores, local producers and artisans, farmers markets, golf clubs, and more can be found close by and offer great quality of life for those in the area. If you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors, a network of parks, trails, and of course, the waterfront where you can enjoy kilometers of fishing, water sports, boating, and more.

Places of worship in Manotick

  • St. Brigid Church
  • St. Leonard Parish Manotick
  • Manotick United Church

Elected Officials in Manotick

Homes for Sale in Manotick

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