Barrhaven, Ontario is a suburb of Ottawa located just south of the city. It’s main boundaries are HWY 416, Fallowfield Road, Prince of Whales Road, and Barnsdale Road.  Nepean is to the north of the area, the Rideau River to the east, Manotick to the south, and Kanata to the west. While the general boundaries of the area are debated because it was once considered to be a part of Nepean, this is widely considered to be the general boundary.

Barrhaven is divided into several neighbourhoods varying in age, but similar in style. The area was strategically planned to be a suburban community and is made up primarily of typical, suburban streets containing detached, semi-detached, townhomes, and stacked condos. Schools dot the area and are typically surrounded with walking paths, playgrounds, parks and sports fields. Strip malls with amenities can be found along the mains roads and offer all major amenities and big box stores. Transit stations with park and ride lots are available in the area for downtown commuters with routes running frequently. There is also a VIA rail station in the area running along the CN rails that move diagonally through the area.

Like most of Ottawa’s flanking, large scale suburbs, Barrhaven was once known mainly as a rural area with farms and a small population. What we know as the area today was created in the 60’s by developer Mel Barr, whom the community was named after (source). This part of the area is  widely known as “old Barrhaven” and sits alongside mainly Fallowfield Road. This is where the area’s first public school, Barrhaven Public School, was built where it still stands today. The community from there grew to the rapidly growing suburb we know it as today.

Today, the area is made up of several uniform suburbs, many of which are new developments flaking the southern parts of the region. The area is widely regarded as a commuter town and a good place to raise a family. Middle class families working in high tech, the public sector, and other major economies within the city of Ottawa call this area home. With the area’s non-linear, suburban street, affordable homes, and proximity to amenities, it has truly become a popular place to raise a family and set down roots.

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What We Like About Barrhaven

With an array of housing options, plenty of amazing schools, and endless amenities including big box stores, doctor’s offices, dentists, recreation centres, parks, and more, this is truly an amazing suburb to raise a family. If you’re looking to set down roots in an area with other families while being conveniently close to all Ottawa has to offer, then you’ll really enjoy it here.

In recent years with it’s expansive growth, the area has seen many independent businesses emerge amid the big box stores that are so familiar in suburbs of this kind. The diversity in offerings is allowing more people to enjoy what is already around them. This growth will continue as the area expands for years to come, it shows no signs of slowing down with it’s increasing popularity as a place to live.

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