Listing your home with COVID-19 protocols

April 9, 2021 | Article

If you’re planning on selling your home in Ottawa during COVID-19, you might have some questions…

These are unprecedented times for everyone. Unfortunately, there was no rule book for how to handle this, but the Christine Hauschild Real Estate Team remains committed to providing this essential service safely, adaptively, and effectively. Together with Royal LePage, we have implemented changes to our listing process that keep all parties as safe as possible.

Under normal circumstances, selling your home yourself can be risky, but it is especially risky right now. You absolutely must consider hiring a trusted, experienced realtor to guide you through the process as we adjust to our “new normal”.

So whether you are moving to another city, have a closing date coming up on another home, or simply need to sell your home for another essential reason, we have created a step-by-step list outlining our process and what we’ve adapted to serve you better during these times. While our circumstances have changed, the real estate needs of our clients has not. Here is how we’re doing things.

Introduction and home evaluation

How it’s normally done:

  • We meet with you to learn more about you and your home. We then discuss timing, market trends and pricing, and we will offer advice on how to prepare for selling your home in Ottawa during COVID-19. When we discuss your needs/timeline, we also help you come up with a detailed plan that you are comfortable with and that works best for you.

How we’ve adjusted:

  • We meet with you virtually to discuss all of this! Whether it is a phone call, or preferably a video call over Zoom or FaceTime to get to know you and your home better. All of these things can be discussed remotely while respecting physical distancing guidelines.

Preparing your paperwork

How it’s normally done:

  • When a real estate company is representing a seller client, it must do what is best for the seller of a property. A written contract, called a listing agreement, establishes seller agency, allowing us to sell your home. Once we review and sign all documents (including the listing agreement), solidify the list date and list price, we install a Royal LePage for sale sign on your lawn to announce the sale of your home.

How we’ve adjusted:

  • We offer secure, online e-signature services in order to safely complete all necessary paperwork and discuss the details of the listing agreement with you over the phone, video chat, or email. You’ll also get a digital copy of your paperwork for your records.

Preparing your home

How it’s normally done:

  • We consult with the homeowner to discuss items within the home that may require updating or repair prior to the house being listed. We then help to coordinate tradespeople going in to facilitate the updates. (ie painting, plumbing, electrical etc)
  • We will set up an appointment with our in-house staging consultant, Anne. She will contact you to set up an appointment to come visit your home and will offer her guidance and advice on how to best prepare your home for photography and of course, the real estate market. Anne will then set up an appointment to come to your home with staging items that she will place where needed.
  • We will coordinate a date/time with you and our professional photographer/videographer so that we can display high-resolution images and video online and on any print marketing materials.

How we’ve adjusted:

  • We virtually consult with the homeowner to discuss items within the home that absolutely require updating prior to the house being listed. We then reach out to our most trusted contractors to ensure that any work is being done safely and efficiently as necessary.
  • Our in-house staging consultant, Anne, is now offering her services via video calls. Our team also provides some small staging items to supplement what you already have in your home, so our team will coordinate with her to ensure any items recommended are delivered directly to your home via touchless delivery so that you can place them accordingly. On photo day, we ask homeowners to step out for the duration of the appointment (typically under 1 hour) and leave all lights on in the home. Ali (our photographer) and Christine will be the only people in the home and will create a comprehensive and detailed video tour to accompany your listing. Once the appointment is done, Christine will contact you to let you know so you can return home.

Publishing your listing

How it’s normally done:

  • We prepare your listing for publication using information you provide during your initial conversations with Christine. We also prepare information sheets of your home. These sheets outline special features of your home and are available for prospective buyers and their agents while viewing your home. Your home is then listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), our website and various other listing marketing websites. Top producing agents from other brokers are immediately e-mailed with the details of your home. Your home will appear (within 24-48 hours) on and on the national Royal LePage website. information sheets and additional marketing collateral are delivered to your home in preparation for showings. We discuss an open house date and install a lock box on your property in preparation for showings.

How we’ve adjusted:

  • While selling your home in Ottawa during COVID-19, we publish your listing entirely digitally. We still create an information sheet and marketing collateral for your home, but you will not receive a physical copy – everything will be found online on our website and your listing! In keeping with Royal LePage COVID-19 safety provisions, we will not be conducting physical open houses. Our comprehensive video tour will be available everywhere your listing is so that anyone interested in your home will see it in detail without having to physically visit right away. We can provide a printed version of the information sheet at a later time as a keepsake if you like.

Showing your home

How it’s normally done:

  • Once your listing is published – showings can start any time! Typically, you’ll receive showing requests through a program called ShowingTime. These will appear in your email inbox when an agent requests a showing of your home. The showing request will outline date and time, at which point you can accept or decline. Our team installs a secure iBox on your property for showings – these iBoxes are secure and tell us exactly who is touring your home and when. Homeowners would typically leave during the showing.

How we’ve adjusted:

  • Before we even publish your listing, we include strict and detailed instructions outlining COVID-19 protocol in your listing. In keeping with Royal LePage COVID-19 safety measures, we require ALL individuals seeing the home, including the agent, to complete a mandated form prior to viewing or they will not be allowed to view. These forms are attached with your listing and we also follow up with any showing requests to ensure it is done. We limit showings to 1/2 hour and only allow maximum 3 people in at a time. We work with you, the homeowner, to set up either a hand washing station or PPE station and ask that anyone viewing does NOT touch anything in the home. Homeowners would leave during the duration of the showing and leave all lights on and doors open inside the house so touching anything is not necessary. We encourage homeowners to disinfect any common surfaces upon return as a precaution (example: front door handle).


How it’s normally done: 

  • When a potential buyer is ready to purchase your home, we will guide you through the negotiation process, using our experience and knowledge to get you the best price for your home. After your home is sold, we ensure a copy of your offer documents are delivered to your lawyer and financial advisor. If requested, we will provide you names of trusted movers, contractors or any service you may need before or after the sale of your home. Please remember, we are available to meet with you in person or can chat with you by phone or email to answer any questions you may have, at any time.

How we’ve adjusted: 

  • Because of technology, we’re able to provide all of these services virtually. We can set up video calls or phone calls with you to discuss the negotiation process and keep you completely up to date. All necessary documents (like the offer) are completed via e-signature. Should you require any additional work, we will connect you with trusted professionals at your discretion and comfort level. Our team is available at any time via email, phone, or video call to assist you.

We welcome the challenge of adapting our service to fit our “new normal”

And you should feel secure in knowing that a trusted professional has your best interest in mind throughout the entire process. We can work together to ensure that your essential real estate needs are met while selling your home in Ottawa during COVID-19. As a full service brokerage, we have all the tools you need for a smooth process.

COVID 19 Listing Process Infographic Christine Hauschild

We’re here to help you through the “new normal” Let’s have a conversation – about your goals and what you can except today.