Julia Vodyanyuk

Julia Vodyanyuk

Client Care and Marketing Coordinator

Born in Kiev, Ukraine and raised in Toronto, Julia Vodyanyuk (Vah-dee-nuke) always knew the Ottawa area would become her permanent home. Coming to the city in 2012 to pursue higher education, she studied Journalism at Algonquin College and graduated in 2014. Taking a turn from Journalism, Julia found her passion for marketing and real estate when she accepted a job with a major property management and real estate company in Ottawa early on in her career. This eventually led her to pursue other opportunities until landing upon Christine Hauschild’s team.

With a passion for people and creativity, Julia’s role on the team is to ensure that the listing process for our clients goes as smoothly as possible. She is there at all stages from introduction, to staging, to photos, to marketing, all to ensure that our clients always have a friendly and responsive person helping them through what can sometimes seem daunting and scary. Her friendly nature, positive outlook and easygoing personality help her make clients feel at ease. She also actively manages the marketing initiatives, original content, & social media for the team.

Outside of the Hauschild Chalet, Julia enjoys spending any free time she has with her friends, family, and spouse. She enjoys weekends riding through forests on her dirt bike, camping, thrifting, working out, and sampling local craft beers whenever possible. With a passion for helping her community, she actively serves as an on-call firefighter and is bilingual in Russian and English.

Julia's Q&A

What do you do for fun?

Get outside! My favourite thing to do in the summer is hit the trails on my dirt bike, get out on the fishing boat, go camping, enjoy a bonfire, and hang out with friends and family. Also love hitting the gym whenever I can.

As a recent first time buyer, what was the most challenging part of it all?

Saving for a down payment and all of the extra costs when we finally moved in! The little things like paint, fixtures, small repairs, etc. can really add up. My advice would be to save more than you think you need – at least 50% more of your down payment.

What is the biggest change moving from city to a small town in the country?

The gas bill for my car is definitely higher, but I think the biggest change is the pace. People aren’t rushed in the country and everything is a lot more laid back which I adore.

What would you be doing if you didn’t work in real estate?

I love to help people and I love a little challenge and danger – probably some kind of first responder like a Police Officer, Firefighter or Paramedic.

Coolest place you’ve travelled?

Dingle Bay in Ireland. I went with my Rugby team a few years ago. It was this little town on the coast. Our last pitch was just at the edge of a beautiful cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean during sunset. I could almost see the Maritimes – it was magical.

What motto do you live by?

I can and I will.