Glen Cairn/Hazeldean

Glen Cairn / Hazeldean Community

In the early 1960’s, Glen Cairn/Hazeldean was a very different community than what we know it as today. Originally, the region of around 600 acres comprised of mostly farmland/agriculture and was a part of the City of Kanata. This area was widely considered to be the “outskirts” of town at the time.

In 1962, the area was given approval for re-zoning from agricultural land to residential in order to accommodate a proposed $37 million housing development. This is the beginning of Glen Cairn/Hazeldean as we know it today.

A group of developers joined forces to start creating a master-planned community – the first of its kind in Canada. In 1963, William Connelly joined the group and ended up becoming the main developer for the subdivision.

With modern innovations such as underground wiring, curved roads to slow traffic, an outdoor pool, community centers, and schools in each planned area, the new subdivision was dubbed “Canada’s Centennial City” and the “most advanced community in Canada” for it’s time.

Throughout the 1970’s-80’s, development continued in the area and the government introduced a program that would encourage families to purchase homes in the region. This along with new schools, shopping centers, and amenities, attracted families to the area and it quickly became the Canadian dream.

Today, Glen Cairn boasts many features people love about mature communities including large lots, tree-lined streets, unique homes, and fantastic amenities within walking distance. In many ways, it still embodies the idea of the Canadian dream.

The neighbourhood is ideal for families as it is surrounded by great schools, parks, recreational facilities, and numerous amenities necessary for families. The area is also home to many parks and recreational spaces including the Trans Canada Trail which runs from the East coast to the North-West Coast of Canada – ideal for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Mid-century single family homes built between 1962-1988 dominate this area. Most homes embody the typical design for homes of the era.

Traditional, suburban homes with clean lines & minimalistic features in the form of ranch or bungalow styles are very popular here. Many people have updated their homes over the years to reflect modern concepts, such as an open floor plan and upgraded kitchens & bathrooms.

What We Love About Glen Cairn / Hazeldean

Glen Cairn/Hazeldean boasts unique homes along mature, tree-lined streets and a community feel designed with families in mind. Large manicured lots, unique mid-century architecture, and pride of home ownership are evident in this area. While still convenient, Glen Cairn is tucked away from the regular hustle and bustle of Kanata, making it an oasis for residents. It’s proximity to great amenities such as Hazeldean Mall, major grocery stores, doctors offices, dental clinics, schools, local businesses and parks make it a great place to raise a family. It’s no wonder that houses in this area don’t last, and people who live here tend to stay and upgrade within the same community.

Homes for Sale in Glen Cairn / Hazeldean

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