Fall Curb Appeal

5 Tips For Creating Fall Curb Appeal Buyers Will Love

You know the feeling you get from a loved one’s home? Even from the outside, you can tell it’s full of light, love, and good cheer. What if you could make buyers feel that good the moment they set foot on your property? Your Fall curb appeal can do just that! 

Of course, home hunters are looking for more than just coziness. Yes, they want to feel welcome. But they’re also looking for that something extra—the perfect combination of homeyness, style, and sophistication. Luckily, autumn is a great time to create an exterior look that will draw buyers inside! 

If you’re ready to sell your home this fall, try our top five tips for boosting your curb appeal…

1) Tidy up 

We all know that fall in Ottawa can get messy. In these parts, we’re blessed with an abundance of big, beautiful trees—and that can mean more cleanup when autumn rolls around. That’s why it’s an absolute must to pull out the rake before buyers come calling. 

Just as an untidy law can make a bad impression, so too can gutters that haven’t been cleaned. If you opt to clear yours on your own, you’ll need a ladder, a trowel, and a hose. Don’t forget to dispose of that plant waste properly! Putting it in the green bin is usually the best option. 

2) Focus on landscaping 

Once your lawn has been cleaned up, it’s time to pay attention to your landscaping. Start with the grass. We know, we know. Spring and summer are over. All the more reason to appeal to buyers with a healthy-looking yard! Continue mowing and watering your grass as needed, and fill in bare patches with a lawn repair mix.

Next up, consider planting some hearty shrubs to help beautify your property! An expert at your local gardening store can help you find some fall-appropriate options. 

3) Touch up your exterior 

Curb appeal isn’t just about your front yard and entranceway. It also includes the exterior of your home. Anything buyers can see as they approach your property is bound to make an impression—so make sure it’s a good one!

To start with, head outside for a visual inspection. Does your siding need a fresh coat of paint? Touching it up is an easy way to improve the overall look of your home. Is your siding damaged? If so, replacing it could seriously raise your property value (and if you’re wondering what your home is worth, you can find out here). The bottom line? When it comes to your exterior, a few improvements can go a long way!

4) Create a warm glow 

It’s one of the realities of fall. At this time of year, it starts to get darker, earlier. Unfortunately for home hunters, busy schedules don’t always align with what mother nature has planned. The good news is, you can make things more convenient for buyers—and give your home an inviting glow—by adding some strategic lighting.

When it comes to your entranceway and Fall curb appeal, replace those old fixtures with sleeker, more modern-looking options. Be sure to choose LED bulbs for a touch of warmth and plenty of brightness! Next up, consider whether your yard is well lit. If not, installing some path lighting might be your best bet.

5) don’t forget the details! 

A beautifully landscaped yard and well-maintained home exterior are bound to make a great impression. But decorative details can sometimes be just as memorable—especially in the fall, when slightly gloomier weather can make your home look drabber than it might in sunnier months. 

To brighten up your property, consider adding some charming extras. A planter full of autumn flowers, a tasteful seasonal wreath, and a fresh “welcome” mat can all make a huge difference in how buyers perceive your home. Overlooking inexpensive little additions is one of the biggest mistakes home sellers make (you can find some other common missteps here). 

At any time of year, curb appeal matters. Take it from us: when a buyer feels at home as they approach a living space, it stays on their mind long after they leave. With some TLC and a bit of expert advice, you too can boost your curb appeal to make a great first impression on buyers!

Looking to get top dollar for your home? Learn more about what we can do to help ensure selling success—or get in touch to get the process started!

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