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Considering a move to Ottawa's west end? We know and love it here, so we put together our favourite top 5 family-friendly neighbourhoods in Ottawa West!

Top 5 Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Ottawa West

What makes a community great for families? Is it high-quality schools? Access to the great outdoors? What about convenient amenities—like nearby grocers, large retailers, and doctor’s offices?  As far as we’re concerned, it’s all of the above. That’s part of the reason we feel so fortunate to live and work in Ottawa West. Our neck…

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Are you ready to buy a bigger home? Don't start your search before checkng out our tips and tricks to consider before purchasing a bigger home!

Ready to Buy a Bigger Home? 5 Upsizing Tips

There’s nothing we love more than helping buyers trade in their starter homes for their dream houses. For many families, that means planning to buy a bigger home. Sound familiar? If so, congratulations! Being able to afford more square footage is a major accomplishment—one that’s bound to have a positive impact on your quality of…

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Buying a house in Ottawa can be challenging, especially if you're between new construction or resale - which home type is right for you? We can help

New Construction or Resale: Which Home Type is Right For You?

Are you buying a house in Ottawa—and trying to decide whether to go the newly-built or resale route? Both options have their pros and cons, and understanding them can help you find the living space of your dreams… Some home buyers know exactly what they’re looking for. Others need to explore their options. If you…

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