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overlooked spring cleaning spots

Overlooked Spring Cleaning Spots (with printable list!)

Since we’re all staying home a little bit more than we’re used to lately because of COVID-19, it’s a great opportunity to tackle overlooked spring cleaning spots around your house. We’re not talking about your weekend clean, we mean deep clean, the kind where you move things out the way, get under stuff, and really…

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Bridlewood & Emerald Meadows

Bridlewood & Emerald Meadows Bridlewood & Emerald Meadows Communities Bridlewood & Emerald Meadows are residential communities in Kanata South located east of Eagleson Road, west of the Greenbelt and north of Hope Side Road. Most homes in Bridlewood were built between 1977-2002 though since that time, further development has taken place mostly in the Emerald... Read More
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