selling your house in ottawa

28 Day Guide To Prepare Your Home For Sale: Week Two

So you’ve made it to week two preparing for selling your house in Ottawa…

Congrats! During week one, we covered the basics of getting together all essential documents, cleaning out bathrooms, lighting, keys, and preparation!

This week will require a little more leg work on your part- but we promise the effort will be so worth it in the end.

Here is what your next few days of home prep will look like…

selling your house in ottawa

Days 6-7: The kitchen

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and it’s going to be one of the first places buyers will want to see, so you’ll want to give it extra attention!

Remove any small appliances from the counters and make them as clear as possible, take off all the magnets and kid’s art on the fridge, de-clutter your cabinets and wipe them down properly, and clean all of your appliances inside out!

You want your kitchen to feel clean, fresh, and spacious for buyers! Consider a nice bowl with fresh fruit or some fresh flowers for an added touch!

Day 8: The bedrooms

Your bedrooms should feel inviting and fresh! You’ll want to straighten them out by making the bed(s), tidying up, clearing any personal items like family photos, and cleaning out the closets to make them appear as large as possible.

Our in-house staging consultant can then help by thoughtfully placing décor so that your bedrooms look polished.

If your bedrooms are on the smaller side, consider painting them a light colour and re-locating any large furniture.

Day 9: The living room

Your living room should present as warm and inviting – after all, if you’re selling a house in Ottawa, potential buyers will probably see themselves spending lots of time there.

Start by giving your couches a good vacuum and steam clean if necessary. Tidy up any visible clutter like books, magazines, family photos, and remote controls. Hide wires from any electronic devices and consider getting an area rug to tie the space together if you don’t already have one.

If there is a fireplace, give it a quick clean to clear it of dust or debris from recent use. If it’s a wood burning fireplace, consider getting a WETT inspection if not already certified before listing the home. 

Day 10: The dining room

The dining room in your home should look like somewhere people actually want to eat. Treat this space as if you’re about to host a family celebration.

We all know dining room tables aren’t always used for dining, so clear off any paperwork like bills or homework and tuck them out of sight. Get a neutral table cloth to cover the table if it’s seen better days. Give your chairs a cleaning and finally, de-clutter/tidy up any surrounding spaces like china cabinets or hutches.

Days 11-12: The basement

Basements can be really challenging. If you’re like us, then this will take a couple of days. Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, you’ll want to make it look as spacious as possible.

If finished, clear up any stray kids toys and give the entire space a good clean. Extra lighting can make a huge difference!

If unfinished, organize stored items into one space and consider painting the floors if they are looking a little rough. Ensure pathways to your utility fixtures are clear as many potential buyers will want to see them.

This week is a little more work – but you can do it!


Selling your house in Ottawa is easy with the right team. We can helpmake your goals a reality.

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