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28 Day Guide To Prepare Your Home For Sale: Week Three

If you’re here, you probably need help from a real estate agent in Ottawa to sell your home

As a real estate agent in Ottawa, we’d say you’re in the right place! Welcome to week 3 of our 28 day guide to preparing our home for sale.

This week, we’re going to explore the often overlooked items when it comes to preparing your home for sale.

Let’s jump right into it!

real estate agent in ottawa

Days 13-14: Closets & Storage Areas

While you might think you can just stuff everything you want out of sight into closets or storage areas while your home is listed for sale, it’s probably not the best idea!

Potential buyers will want to see closets & storage areas, so they’ll likely be peeking into these spaces. The last thing you want is for your storage spaces to look over crowded as this will make them look smaller than they are.

Take some time to spruce up these spaces. Get some organization solutions like shelves or boxes to clean up these spaces, and try and eliminate as much as possible! The goal is to convince buyers that there is more than enough room for all of their stuff!

Day 15: Store, donate, or toss…

Mirroring the point above, use this month as an opportunity to really evaluate what you want to store, donate, or toss for good. Let’s face it, we all have junk in our homes we objectively do not need in our lives.

Pay it forward by giving your junk to a local charity, church, shelter, or donation centre where it can be re-purposed and given to people that really need it. Toss things that either don’t function or are beyond repair and then store whatever you want to keep but can’t stay in your space while listing.

Remember, storing things can be expensive, so this could be a great time to summon your inner Marie Kondo and purge for good.

Day 16: The grand entrance

Arguably one of the most important and overlooked areas: the entrance.

Did you know that buyers will have an emotional reaction to your home within 15 seconds of walking through the door? This is your opportunity to make a great first impression.

Create a clean and inviting entrance way by putting away all shoes, coats, and bags. Sweep or vacuum this area regularly to eliminate any debris that finds it’s way inside. Get an air freshener and leave it in the space so that your home instantly smells nice when a potential buyer steps in, and opt for simple and clean decor.

Day 17: Un-personalize

This definitely isn’t the most fun step for some people, but when you’re selling your home, it needs to look like a home someone else could see themselves living in

The ultimate goal is to have potential buyers view your home objectively, and that can be difficult if you have family photos, awards, souvenirs, etc.

Moreover, you don’t want personal items distracting from the other features of your home you’re trying to highlight. Any real estate agent in Ottawa would agree that buying a home is often emotional, and you need to set your space up to cater to the buyer – not you!

Days 18: Hire the Christine Hauschild team

If you haven’t yet hired a real estate agent in Ottawa to help sell your home yet, now is the time!

Most listing agents will require about two weeks notice before they bring your home to market so they have time to arrange paperwork, staging, photos, and prepare the marketing for your home!

The Christine Hauschild Real Estate Team are Ottawa pros, especially Ottawa’s west end. If you’re not in Ottawa, we can still help connect you with a realtor in another city almost anywhere in Canada!

Make sure to check out week 1 and week 2 for additional tips! Don’t worry – we still have two more weeks to go!

Seeking the right real estate agent in Ottawa? We can help make your goals a reality.

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