increasing home value

28 Day Guide To Prepare Your Home For Sale: Week Five

Welcome to the final week of increasing home value while prepping your home for sale!

We’re almost at the finish line – this week should be easy! During this week, you’ll want to focus on the little things that contribute towards increasing home value while your home is listed. Here is what you’ll need to know!

increasing home value

Days 24-25: Focus on the floors

You might not think about your floors too often, but they take quite a bit of abuse over the years! Sprucing up the floors in your home is a great step towards increasing home value.

Firstly, determine the condition of your floors. What material are they? Do they need re-finishing? We have clients who have used this product which works well on laminate, hardwood, tile, and more!

A good clean can really go a long way, too – make sure to really give them a good scrub before using any re-finishing products like the one we recommended.

Day 26: Final clean & finishing touches

Here is your chance to put the final little touches on your home! You’re probably absolutely exhausted by this point, so we definitely recommend hiring out a professional to do the last clean of your home before listing.

After your final clean, take the opportunity to put some finishing touches on your home. You’ll want it to smell good, so get a couple of air fresheners around the home. Make sure there isn’t pet hair stuck in intake grates. Get the dust off your baseboards. Swap out hand towels for clean ones (and try not to use them!), etc.

Day 27: Make arrangements for kids & pets

It’s a great idea to have a plan for where your kids and/or pets will go when you list your home – especially for the first week when you’re likely to get the most showings.

Arrange for family or friends to look after pets/kids if that is possible for you. There are lots of great boarding options for pets if you don’t have a friend or family member willing. If you’re unable to have your kids stay somewhere, have a chat with them so they understand clearly you may be in and out of the home for a little bit while it’s being sold.

Taking the steps to ensure you have a clear plan before listing when it comes to the most important people/pets will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Day 28: Photos

You made it! This is the very last day – photo day. Now that you’re home is at it’s absolute best, it’s ready for it’s close-up! We will come in with our photographer to take photos and film the video for your property. With all the hard work you put in, seeing the final product is going to be SO worth it!

Congrats! You’ve taken all the steps towards preparing your home for sale while increasing home value – now you’re ready for MLS!

Make sure to check out week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4 for additional tips! Only one more week!

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