12 Days of Giving

December 14, 2021 | Article

2021 has been quite the year for our team, and we are incredibly thankful for your support, your referrals, and your cheerleading. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

The Christmas season and holidays make us think about all the fun activities we would do with our clients, like the Trees of Hope, Toy Mountain, and even delivering wreaths to your front door! But this year truly is different for many of us. This is why we are beyond thrilled to bring the 12 Days of Giving this year to help shine a light on local & Canadian charities that could use a hand this time of year.

We reached out to our clients to learn about your favourite charities, and we loved them all! We are going to do our best to visit, shop for, and donate to as many of these recommendations as possible. Follow u as we feature the charitable recipients! We will be letting you know how you can help too.

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Day 12 – The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, Cornerstone Housing for Women, and Harmony House

It’s the final day of our #12DaysOfGiving! We have loved learning from our families which charities they felt could use some extra help this holiday season. Our hearts are bursting with the outpouring of love from everyone at this time.

For the last day of this campaign, we are shining a light on organizations that provide shelter for women and children: The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, Cornerstone Housing for Women, and Harmony House.

We donate a portion of the proceeds from every home we help buy and sell, and in 2021 we have donated $3000 in funds that will stay in our area to help women seeking shelter, and violence protection programs. The Shelter Foundation has been providing service to over 50,000 women and children at 200 local women’s shelters and national partners.

Cornerstone Housing for Women is a shelter in Ottawa that is specifically geared towards women to transform their lives from crisis to home, housing and healing. In 2020, Cornerstone provided shelter and housing to 230+ women, and served 94,00 meals. Donating a one-time gift of $98 – the cost of one dinner out for two – provides 2 weeks of nutritious meals for a woman.

Harmony House is Ottawa’s only 2nd stage (transitional) shelter, where they bridge the gap between crisis living and working through trauma to live independently in the community. This organization has programs for women and children. The organization is happy to receive financial gifts, as well as grocery store gift cards, movie passes, bus tickets, taxi chits, prepaid phone cards, and vehicle donations.

We are grateful to be donating $500 each to Harmony House & Cornerstone, and invite you to support these worthy organizations.

Donate to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation here

Donate to Cornerstone Housing for Women here

Donate to Harmony House here

Day 11 – Cystic Fibrosis Canada

We are honoured to feature Cystic Fibrosis Canada, a recommendation that came through to us from our of our dear families. Cystic Fibrosis Canada started in 1960, and works to advance research & care, and contributes to a global body of CF knowledge. The organization is a leading organization that works with people living with CF, parents, and caregivers, volunteers, researchers, and healthcare professionals, government, and donors to change lives through treatment, research, information, and support.

Cystic Fibrosis is a fatal genetic disease with no cure yet, and very expensive treatments. This disease affects infants, children, and adults. It mostly impacts the lungs & digestive tract, resulting in loss of lung function, difficulty digesting fats & proteins, and malnutrition among other challenges.

Did you know that according to a recent annual report, that there are 4,344 Canadians living with CF? 62%of people with CF are adults. 46 individuals recently received a lung transplant. 18,960 individuals attended clinic visits. 25,246 days were spent in hospital.

Your donation today means more impactful research, excellence in clinical treatment and care, advocacy, and scientific capacity building. Donations can be made as a one-time gift, In Memory, In Honour, Wedding Celebration, Mail-In/Fax Donation, and even a Birthday Fundraisers option!

Learn more about Cystic Fibrosis Canada & how you can donate here

Day 10 – Kanata Food Cupboard: #AdoptAFamily

We had a great time as a team with this one! Today we are featuring the Kanata Food Cupboard, and the fabulous Adopt A Family program! This program is now closed for the season, and we were fortunate enough to be matched with a great family at the beginning of December. The Kanata Food Cupboard provided us with the family’s Christmas wish list, along with some of their preferences and interests. We felt connected with them as we shopped for their gifts!

The Kanata Food Cupboard is a charitable organization provides healthy food choices regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, age, sexual orientation, income, or religion. It is open to all individuals who self-identify as needing food assistance.

Financial gifts year-round provide 100% of the Kanata Food Cupboard’s funding, and makes a difference in the lives of adults & children alike. The Kanata Food Cupboard can purchase much needed items such as non-perishable foods, fresh fruits & vegetables, dairy products, as well as supporting the day-to-day operations at the warehouse, and also support the Christmas and Back-to-School programs.

Donate to the Kanata Food Cupboard here

Day 9 – Therapeutic Riding Association Ottawa Carleton & Ottawa Humane Society

The first is Therapeutic Riding Association Ottawa Carleton. They provide programs for adults and children living with mental and physical disabilities. Horse riding has been shown to promote improved core strength, hand-eye coordination, and also improved social skills! This organization is 100% reliant on private donations, and we are happy to be donating $500 towards this cause.

Donate to TROtt here

The second organization is Ottawa Humane. As animal lovers, we were so moved by this request, that we jumped on the opportunity. Did you know that over 202/2021, OHS received 2,585 pets, reunited 690 pets with their people, adopted 1,278 pets to loving homes? Financial gifts help make all of this possible! Today we are donating $500.

Donate to the Ottawa Humane Society here.

Day 8 – Matthew House Ottawa

Today we are featuring an organization that truly helps people make their house a home. Matthew House Ottawa is a furniture bank that recognizes the dignity in having a comfortable home, and empowers individuals and families with a fresh start regardless of the reason for the need.

Through community connections with partners all over our city that refer clients to Matthew House Ottawa, where they can personally select donated items that they need for sleeping, dining, and living at home.

This program can’t run without the support of the community either, and relies on donations of gently used items (most needed items can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/5n97ba9e). What a great way to reuse items that you may no longer need when selling a home! So often these items are left on the curb, or even end up in a landfill. Schedule your pick up (and also receive a gift tax receipt for the service), or schedule a time to bring your donation to the furniture bank warehouse, and know that your pieces will live on with another family who truly needs them.

Did you know that Matthew House Ottawa has been providing service since 2010? In that time, they have provided 5,468 pieces of furniture, and furnished over 7,000 homes, with more than 650 homes this year alone? Financial gifts are very much appreciated to help pay for delivery of the furniture. That is why today it is our privilege to donate $1000 to this great cause.

We invite you to learn more about Matthew House Ottawa, and to consider donating as well.

Day 7 – Shepherds of Good Hope & The Ottawa Mission

Today we are featuring two very important organizations in Ottawa that do so much for those most in need: Shepherds of Good Hope and The Ottawa Mission. Both organizations work tirelessly to bring shelter, food, and clothing – all the very basics for human dignity – to our neighbours in Ottawa who need it most.

We are honoured to donate $500 to each organization on behalf of our clients and team.

Did you know that $150 will provide 43 Christmas meals this year with The Ottawa Mission? Financial gifts can truly go a long way. But if you would like to provide in-kind gifts, newly-purchase items are greatly appreciated. Clean underwear, personal care & hygiene products (toothbrushes & toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, etc.), extra layers for the colder weather, hats, mitts, and scarves are all needed to restore dignity, hope, and purpose.

Donate to The Ottawa Mission here

A financial gift to the Shepherds of Good Hope helps to stabilize people through their shelter programs, around-the-clock support in housing facilities, and serves thousands of people at the kitchen & drop-in centre. Did you know that 81% of shelter clients are born in Canada, and 3% are refugees? 56% of supportive housing residents are between 50-64 years of age. Shepherds of Good Hope has served 62,513 meals in their soup kitchen over the last year.

Donations can be made one-time, monthly, in memoriam, and as tribute gifts. They also accept in-kind gifts, and have outlined the most needed items.

Donate Shepherds of Good Hope

Join us in supporting these organizations that do excellent work in our communities.

Day 6 – The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Foundation

Today we are honoured to feature The Royal Mental Health Centre, as we understand that mental health support is an important and valued part of everyone’s lives, and we are happy to contribute $1000 towards The Royal’s healthcare, advocacy, research, and education.

Donations of all sizes allow their programs to continue providing excellence in state-of-the art medicine. Your donation can be a one-time gift or a recurring gift, and can be directed to any one of their programs that hold a special place for you. Check out our website for more ways to support The Royal.

If you are experiencing an emergency, go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital or call 9-1-1.
Other crisis lines are available here:

  • Mental Health Crisis Line – 1+ (866) 996-0991
  • Ottawa and the counties of Prescott Russell, Renfrew and Stormont Dundas and Glengarry – 1+ (613) 722-6914
  • Leeds & Grenville district – 1+ (866) 281-2911
  • Pembroke Regional Hospital Mobile Crisis Team – 1+ (613) 732-3675 ext. 8116 or 1+ (866) 996-0991
  • Youth Services Bureau 24/7 Crisis Line – 1+ (613) 260-2360 or 1+ (877) 377-7775

Day 5 – Wounded Warriors Canada & Doctors Without Borders

 We are proud to feature two incredible organizations: Wounded Warriors Canada & Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). We are so incredibly grateful for what they do.

Wounded Warriors Canada helps Canada’s Veterans, First Responders, and their families with mental health & emotional supports. It truly is a comprehensive organization that we are better off for having in our country. With programs ranging from workplace training, operational stress injury group based programs, to K9 assisted therapy, there are so many ways Wounded Warriors Canada supports those in need.

We are thankful for our Veterans, First Responders, and their families, and are happy to donate $500 towards their programming.

Donate to Wounded Warriors Canada here.

Doctors Without Borders brings humanitarian frontline medical service to areas that need it most. Now operating in over 67 countries around the world, Doctors Without Borders is thankful for donations that will enable them to continue helping in areas of crisis, and are thankful for contributions of any size, with options of a one-time gift or a monthly gift.

Did you know that $35 per month can purchase new rapid tests to check two people for drug-resistant tuberculosis? This cuts diagnosis time down to 2 hours from 42 days – providing quicker access to urgent care.

Today we are honoured to donate $500 towards this cause. Visit our website for information on how you can donate towards these two invaluable causes.

Donate to Doctors Without Borders here.

Day 4 – Causeway & Salus Ottawa

These two organizations are endeavoring to assist adults living with mental health challenges that would otherwise impact their ability to live & work.

Near to our hearts is Causeway, an organization that began nearly 40 years ago in Ottawa by my mother & other concerned volunteers, who noticed a gap in mental health care. Today the organization helps their clients to find meaningful & rewarding work.

Causeway will happily accept a one-time donation or monthly donation that can be directed to specific programs of your choice, or to the General fund that will support programs in immediate need.

In honour of our family history here, we are donating $500 towards Causeway’s programming.

Support Causeway by donating here

Salus Ottawa helps adults living with severe mental illness by providing housing services, which give great peace of mind to families who may struggle with providing care themselves. They create the Home environment that encourages people living with mental illness to become more active, less isolated, and part of the community.

In 2020, Salus noted a gap in accessible permanent housing for individuals graduating out of their programs, and successfully advocated for rent supplements from the government. Salus then established rent agreements with a number of community-minded landlords ensuring their housing is affordable for those in need.

Salus provides two vital ingredients for adults with mental illness whose which is for a stable & productive life: Hope & Home. This is made possible with support from the community. In honour & recognition of those who nominated this organization, we are donating $500.

Support Salus Ottawa here

Day 3 – CHEO Foundation & Ronald McDonald House

Today we are shining a light on CHEO Foundation & Ronald McDonald House, two prominent organizations in Ottawa who have helped countless children and their families through very challenging times. We are deeply thankful for all they do for our families, and are thrilled to donate $500 to each organization.

Did you know that the CHEO Foundation offers multiple ways to give? You can give an In Honour, Celebration, with Community Events, and In Memory! You could also provide a one-time gift, or plan a monthly gift! Right now, You can double your impact on patient care at CHEO by becoming a monthly donor. All new or increased monthly donations will be matched for an entire year, up to $50,000, thanks to DORE Property Management.
Donate to CHEO here

Donations to Ronald McDonald House and the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms are easy as well! With so many options including one-time online donation, a monthly gift, Giving in honour or in memory, Gift a Night ($95 gift to support one family for one night in the house), Corporate Giving, Legacy Giving, and Adopt-A-Room.

Donate to Ronald McDonald House here

Day 2 – Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is the voice of cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario, and helps people living with cancer by providing local residents with increased access to person-centered care through the delivery of the Cancer Coaching Health and Social Care Service, innovative cancer research and a world-class clinical trials program.

More than 8,000 people in our community will be diagnosed with cancer this year. By supporting this foundation, you are ensuring that thousands of families will be able to access care that is close to home.

This organization has been bringing hope and support to individuals and families dealing with cancer for over 25 years now, and continues to provide services in a meaningful way. In 2020, the Foundation re-designed programs for pandemic response, delivered 1,051 virtual coaching sessions, and supported 375 families.

Financial donations make a significant impact on program delivery, and we are honoured to give $1,000 in response to the significant requests to support the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Donate to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation here

Day 1 – Bruyère Foundation & Hospice Care Ottawa

The Bruyère Foundation is a leader in the care of the elderly and unique amongst major healthcare organizations in our region, and is enhancing lives by delivering exceptional care for seniors, patients with complex and chronic health conditions, and people living with a life-limiting illness. 

Giving to Bruyère ensures their patients and residents are provided with high quality and compassionate health care. They have made giving easy and accessible in so many ways You could consider a general donations, annual giving, monthly giving, an in memoriam gift, a gift in your Will. You can even donate your vehicle!

Your generosity will address some of the most urgent needs in our healthcare system, and you will be making a life-changing difference today and for years to come.

It is our privilege to donate $500 towards the Bruyère Foundation’s work.

Donate to Bruyère online here

Hospice Care Ottawa offers palliative and end-of-life programs  and services at no charge to people living in the City of Ottawa. This organization is an amalgamation of The Hospice at May Court and Friends of Hospice Ottawa, and as of 2013 has been providing compassion and comfort in three hospice sites to serve the Ottawa region: May Court Hospice, Ruddy-Shenkman Hospice, and La Maison de l’Est.

Not only does Hospice Care Ottawa provide emotional and social support to those facing life-limiting illness, they also deliver Bereavement Care for those coping with loss.

Did you know that only 60% of their funding is provided by the government? The need for community support is great, and deeply appreciated.

In honour of our clients who nominated Hospice Care Ottawa, we are donating $500. 

Donate to Hospice Care Ottawa here